Mind Body and Spirit Coaching for Men

With a large chronic wound on my left ankle due to a sports injury at 11 and venous abnormalities from a birthmark, I have spent a lot of time in the medical system. Despite being very well intentioned, the decisions made by my doctors actually exacerbated the problem. By the time I was in my 20s, the wound was very painful and infected frequently. This meant I was taking pain pills daily in dangerously high amounts and using antibiotics every couple of months. I had a very unhealthy lifestyle, eating the typical American diet, drinking and smoking. Eventually things got so bad that I was going to be admitted to hospital for a drip IV and possible amputation.

Thankfully by this time I had started to realize that what I put in my body determined how well it worked and felt. With the help of my family (specifically those well read in alternative modalities for healing), I embarked on a new journey back to health. I discovered that by using essential oils and coffee enemas, I was able to have the same success at getting rid of my infections without the constant damage the antibiotics were inflicting on my gut and immune health, not to mention energy and clarity. I was able to cut out the most inflammatory foods like processed sugar and vegetable oils and had such a decrease in pain that I barely used 1 bottle of ibuprofen for the entire decade of my 30s.

When I realized I had far more control over my health than I was originally lead to believe there were all sorts of other beliefs to unlearn. One discovery at a time, my health has been improving year by year. I have discovered that physical health is profoundly effected by our mental, emotional and spiritual health. The organism we tend to view as a machine is far more complex than any machine man has designed. There are many more ways to affect our operating system than simply changing the food and drink we consume. The placebo effect shows us what we think and believe affects us physically.

 Because of my chronic wound I never stopped educating myself on how to achieve better health. I have been reading books and listening to lectures by doctors and researchers for close to 20 years on all aspects of health, both very "normal" and scientific but also very unusual and unorthadox . I have found things that worked and things that didn't in both spheres. In the quest to learn have also become a certified Human Potential coach through the humanpotentialinstitute.com and a certified carnivore diet coach through Revero.com

Ultimately I ended up having an above knee amputation on my left leg. Without the major veins and arteries below my knee there was not enough blood flow to ever heal the wound. You can check out the story here robinkyleblog.com  I also went through a divorce just before amputation and I mention it because going through both of those experiences really gave me a lot of insight into how useful or not many of my health strategies were. To come through those trials with a new healthier body that knows how to heal and a healthier mind, heart and spirit that know how to forgive release and overcome has led me to developing my own coaching framework in which I distill the most important things I have learnt in the 7 sessions I go through one on one with clients.

The sessions follow the course each client wants to take specifically dealing with their own concerns and or struggles but at the end of our time together I aim to equip each person with a number of tools with which they can then take control of all aspects of their health in the future themselves. My work is primarily focused towards men but I am open to coaching women if it seems like a good fit. If you are interested in finding out more I do a free 30 minute chat with all prospective clients so we can both decide if we are meant to work together. You can email me at robinkyle@mac.com to set up a chat.